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From voice to video, and web conferencing to presence, there is a wide selection of ever improving productivity and collaboration tools that can empower people to work together more quickly and effectively. With so many options and opportunities, Software Shell’s productivity and collaboration services are geared towards helping organizations implement the right technology for the right communication functions.
Keeping Pace with the Productivity Opportunity

The pace of change is accelerating. Productivity and collaboration solutions connect people, facilitate faster decision making, reduce risks and minimize costs. Software Shell helps organizations of all shapes and sizes to comprehensively evaluate and then implement communication technologies that can deliver real competitive advantage.
How We Can Help

Unified Collaboration Services

Connecting quickly and reliably is crucial to helping people work together effectively. With anywhere, anytime, access to all of your communication and collaboration tools, you can lower costs, increase productivity, enhance business continuity and streamline customer support.

Unified Collaboration Roadmap ServicesThe first step on the road to unified collaboration is evaluating the components of your IT architecture to determine its readiness for unified collaboration. Once gaps and opportunities are identified, creating a roadmap helps define the best technical structure and implementation approach.

  • Communications Readiness Services: Determine where you are and where you want to go
  • Communications Architecture Services: Deliver a solid architecture to ensure your future ability to adapt and grow.
Voice Readiness AssessmentRecent advances in technology mean that organizations can demand more from their systems. Is your network ready for voice? Software Shell provides a structured evaluation of your organization’s ability to successfully adopt advanced voice solutions. We’ll identify the roadblocks and help you mitigate risks before you encounter them.
Lync Readiness AssessmentYou might be excited about the productivity growth of Microsoft Lync deployment but have some unanswered questions. That’s where we can help. Get started by identifying organizational and technical barriers. Then we’ll put it all together to evaluate risk tolerance and SLA requirements.
Communications Deployment & Intergration ServicesWith so much time and money spent architecting the right communications solution, finding a trusted partner to help you deploy and integrate that solution is critical. Software Shell’s extensive expertise and hands-on experience will ensure you realize the full business value from your communications investments.
Communications Migration Services Migrating a communications infrastructure isn’t easy. It’s almost always a high risk, high reward scenario. To be successful, you need to understand all the variables before proceeding down the migration path. That’s where we can help.
Communications Infrastructure Operational Services
Advance technology skill sets are in short supply and becoming more competitive in IT. Keystone Managed Unified Communication allows you to gain benefits of both maintain and monitor while providing day-to-day and architectural perspective for strategy support.
Call Routing Design & Scripting Services Every IT Manager wants to find the right technology and applications to improve customer relationships and employee productivity. Call routing design & scripting services allow you to support a variety of business processes to meet changing customer needs, and drive greater performance, competitive advantage and growth.

Business Video Services

With the growing emphasis on energy conservation and reducing the carbon footprint, business video is an increasingly important way for teams to work together efficiently.

Business Video Roadmap ServicesVideo is transforming networks as more and more organizations take advantage of the possibilities. Take the first step by assessing the readiness of your network with an in-depth review of its ability to support video. Then, use the recommendations and expert guidance from Software Shell to roadmap the development of your video enabled architecture.

  • Readiness Services: Determine where you are and where you want to go
  • Architectural Services: Build a solid infrastructure that ensures your ability to use video effectively

Enterprise Content Management Services

Start finding the value you have locked away. Enterprise content management allows organizations to satisfy policy, support content processes and positively impact end user productivity. Here’s how we can help you discover information value, using Microsoft SharePoint and other connected technologies:

Search Services Find information wherever it lives. Bring together structured data that is locked way in file shares, document management systems and corporate systems. Software Shell connects expertise and technology to help organizations plan, design and implement search solutions.
Information Governance Services Unstructured data and information is growing at rates never seen before. Today, most organizations are struggling to get a handle on the way information is growing. Software Shell can help develop a content governance plan that simplifies user adoption while allowing information to be discovered easily.
Compliance & Risk Management ServicesYou face risk. Sarbanes Oxley and other policies need to be addressed, but often have an impact to the end user productivity because of inherent complexity. Software Shell can help you leverage technology to support archival and retention policies that both achieve compliance and mitigate risk – without affecting the end user.
Collaboration Planning Services People drive performance. Software Shell helps organization plan, design and implement new ways of collaborating together – while collecting knowledge and best practices to help move business forward.
Intranet Design & Delivery Services Employee communications and self service are supported by so many different tools and people – how effective is the experience for the employee? Software Shell can provide the right expertise and best practices to help deliver long-term value to your employees by streamlining multiple communication systems and complicated internal processes.
Business Process Automation Services Today we’re challenged to do more with less. Business process automation allows an organization to remove complexity and support proven processes both internally and externally. Software Shell can help define the process, and then pull together the right data and people for an optimized environment.
No Code Application Services Why code when you don’t have to? We’ll help you evaluate scenarios that require custom development – and which ones don’t. Many times, we’re able to show organizations how to reduce the risk and utilize the building blocks that already exist within SharePoint to deliver business objectives.

Contact Center Services

Customer Care Road-map Services Today, customers may be connecting with you via phone, email, text or IM, and may require more individualized or customized services than ever before. Your contact center must be able to support multiple channels of communication while still providing the highest quality customer service. Are you ready?

Readiness ServicesTo handle today’s customer demands, you need to manage your existing infrastructure, but be agile enough to integrate new services and technology to accommodate changing requirements. A roadmap outlines where you are, and helps define the architecture that ensures the best possible customer service experience.

  • Readiness Services: Understand the ways your customers might want to be in touch with you and review your current infrastructure
  • Architectural Services: Design infrastructure that ensures you are providing the highest customer service and long-term competitive advantage.
Customer Care Deployment & Integration Services Meeting the business challenges of today often requires a rethinking of how services are delivered to customers, and the creation of an infrastructure that supports agility, innovation and the optimization of resources. Software Shell has helped organizations of all shapes and sizes deploy and integrate dynamic infrastructure that deliver improved business responsiveness and customer service.

Application Development Services

Each organization is unique. By developing customized applications, key processes can be improved to help the business run better, develop differentiation or increase competitive advantage. Software Shell’s unique combination of deep expertise in business applications, and wide experience in almost every area of information technology make us an ideal partner to explore the advantages of custom application development.

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