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Invest on ERP software in Apparel & Textile industries!!

a. Become Risk free – no headache of development and upgradation
b. Save 3 to 5 years from your business cycle
c. Generate Opportunity from now – market the product and gain Sales.
d. Win the trends and become the leader.

1. Scope
Apparel industries is the prospective area of earning foreign remittance in Bangladesh. There are a significant number of export-oriented garment manufacturing factories who are trying to implement ERP to achieve the advantage of ERP but difficult to find out any successful history. About 12 years of Industrial Research on “Reason of unsuccessful ERP implementation” drives us to focus on quality and don’t compromise with quality both in development & Service to recover those obstacles of success.

2. Company Overview
Software Shell,
i. established in 2008
ii. have experienced executive management team with Domain expertise and industry recognition.
iii. have gained reputation in Education sector since last 10 years.
iv. have spent about 5 years to develop, implement & testing an advance ERP Software under close consultancy of VF Corporation (115 years old international Buyer).
v. could expose capabilities with reputation both in development & services of Enterprise level software for any industry as well as Education & Apparel industries.
vi. mission & vision is to promote Manufacturing industries using the latest technology.

3. Industry Bottlenecks
Manufacturing industries losing money due to
i. Mess up Time-n-Action plan of manufacturing
ii. Higher labor turnover
iii. No information about remaining materials
iv. No skill matrix
v. No process loss alert
vi. No data transparency

4. Who are the Targeted Customer?
According to our market research, there are about 4500 Garment manufacturing industries in Bangladesh just ignoring the thousands in the whole world.
Among them, about 2500 factories are capable to implement our Premium Package which consists of 7 modules and cost is about 40 to 65 Lac taka.
About 1000 factories are capable to implement our Complete Package which consists of 10 modules and cost is about 120 Lac taka.
So, there is a prospective market of 3000 Crore taka which will regenerate 400 Crore/year revenue as maintenance & service. We can take the lead here using our Shell-ERP software if you become our valuable investment partner.

Why Shell-ERP Different?

Increase 20% Productivity & Profit margin by
i. Skill Matrix: Track the skilled worker by job/operation. Make Line Plan with your skilled workers.
ii. Effective Incentive Management: Provide incentive to skilled worker & make potential.
iii. Line Balancing: Leveling the workload across all processes in a cell or value stream to remove bottlenecks and excess capacity. Remove process down time and enhance productivity.
Save 1-2% Fabric and Increase 2-4% Profit margin by
iv. Cut Marker Plan: Make your marker plan with best suitable ratio and reduce cut 20% & save 1-2% fabric.
v. Utilizing unused Material: Get the stock report of unused material before purchasing.
vi. Minimize Over-costing of Material: Get the warning of over-costing and over-booked of material before purchasing.
Ensure Resource Availability & Maximize usability by
vii. Machine Analysis: Analyze the required Machines & Resources to meet Target production of some styles using Learning Curve and availability.
viii. Production Line Planning: Make a realistic sewing plan with Style & Line curve so that you can achieve your target production.
ix. Production Capacity Estimation: You can get a realistic sewing capacity with Style & Line curve for distinct CRD quickly and quote for new sale than others.

Make Manufacturing Overhead Budget by
x. Cost center wise Budget & Buildup: Modern Accounting recommends Cost-center wise budget planning. Buildup improves your next year production target using realistic costing. Both Budget & Buildup will enhance future development and forecast profitability.
Remove the Risk and Grow your Business by
xi. Group of Companies Integration: Centralize all of the factories under a single platform so that you can monitor everything of group summary as well as factory summary.
xii. Email & SMS Notification: Auto analyze production stage and send Risk & Warning notification to respective person for order, material availability, cutting, sewing, washing, finishing, shipment etc. so that respective person can take initiative to recover this.
xiii. Big Data: handling Big data & unlimited users of a Group of Companies using Data Archiving technique.

9. Why Should You Purchase share of Shell-ERP?
Shell-ERP is Industry specific enterprise level advance software which is focused only on Apparels & Textile industries. Moreover, this covers 60% business flow of the rest of the industries. In-fact, purchasing the ownership of this Shell-ERP you are getting following benefits:
a. Become Risk free – no headache of development and upgradation
b. Save 3 to 5 years from your business cycle
c. Generate Opportunity from now – market the product and gain Sales.
d. Win the trends and become the leader.

a. How Risk Free
Design & Development and then Testing & Re-development are very much sophisticated job to see the face of success which comes to your grips.
b. How Save 3 to 5 years
The complete SDLC of Shell-ERP consists of 4 different phase to be a matured solution
Develop Business Logic & Architecture – 18 Months
Code Development – 18 Months
Implementation & Re-development – 6 Months
Execution – 18 Months
So, if some companies get interested to develop such advance level solution it will take 3 to 5 years which might cost 5 to 8 Crore Taka.
c. How to Generate Opportunity from now
Shell-ERP is ready to deploy. So, it can generate revenue from now.

d. Win the trends and become the leader.
According to our market research,
Among the Apparels Manufacturing Factories about
i. 30% are using Stand alone Software to manage any single/multiple department of Payroll, Accounting and Store.
ii. 50% are using Excel/Access DB to manage any department of Payroll, Accounting and Store.
iii. 80% of Apparels Manufacturing Factories are using Excel to manage Production statistics.
iv. 1% are implementing ERP
v. 20% are searching for ERP
vi. 40% are thinking for ERP

সতর্ক বানীঃ, আমাদের কোন রেজিস্টার্ড সার্ভার নয়। কোনো কাস্টমার উক্ত সার্ভারে কনফিডেনশিয়াল ডাটা ইনপুট দিয়ে ক্ষতিগ্রস্ত হলে সফটওয়্যার শেল দ্বায়ী থাকবে না!!! প্রয়োজনে টেকনিক্যাল টীমের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন – ০১৯৭০৯৭৫০৩৪

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