Managed Services

Most IT departments need to strike a balance between sustaining their current environment and driving innovation for the organization. Just 20-30% of overall IT efforts are typically allocated to moving the business forward. The remaining 70-80% of resources are spent just keeping the lights on.

Reduce Risk and Refocus on What Matters

Many IT organizations are turning to managed services to deliver the maintenance activities of existing IT operations. By spending less time and money on these functions, the IT department frees up resources for activities with more upside. At Software Shell, we believe our role is to enable you to spend more time and energy doing what you do best – driving transformational innovation that create new opportunities for your organization. Our Managed Services will help you to:

  • Reduce operational costs and enable predictive cost models
  • Relieve data center capacity constraints
  • Keep IT systems highly available
  • Move from 8×5 support to 24×7 support
  • Mitigate an IT skills shortage
  • Truly measure system performance, capacity thresholds and performance bottlenecks

How We Can Help

Keystone Maintain

What happens on day 2, after deploying a solution? All too often new skill requirements and complex vendor support processes make it difficult for you to deliver on your SLAs.

Software Shell can simplify the complexity with on-demand expertise and escalation priority to navigate vendor support. Software Shell provides a single point of contact for your support requirements through the Keystone Technical Support Center, which is staffed 24x7x365 with Level-2 or higher experienced first responders for CISCO’s full suite of solutions.

Keystone Monitor

Everybody knows that in IT, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. Software Shell’s Keystone Monitor services will actively identify outages or other incidents in real-time allowing you to get ahead of the issue.

Slow response to network outages? Imagine the positive business impact of immediately remedying the situation as the problem presents itself. With Software Shell’s Keystone Monitor you’ll benefit from:

  • Incident Notification
  • Backup Configurations
  • Availability Alerting
  • Performance Alerting
  • Escalation Management
  • Service Reviews
  • Inventory Management
  • Knowledge Base

Keystone Network Monitoring
Your network is mission critical. Software Shell Keystone Network Monitoring allows IT organizations to put focus on high value activities and off load health monitoring and proactive response to an expert staff of certified engineers. Using standard operating practices and ITIL-based processes we ensure your network architecture is delivering peak performance.

Keystone Wireless Monitoring
Mobility and wireless is a modern necessity in supporting productivity. Preventing and resolving business impacting outages can be more difficult as IT architectures are increasingly complex. Keystone Wireless Monitoring allows organizations to proactively screen each point of the architecture to identify issues and remedy the situation. It lowers the incidents of network degradation and minimizes time-to-response for enterprise networks using dedicated, highly trained staff, secure remote connectivity, and effective network management technology.

Keystone Unified Communication Monitoring
Unified communications often support mission critical business processes. And multi-location and multi-endpoint implementations require a unique skill set and specialized tool set to ensure uptime and reliability. That’s a lot to handle on your own. Keystone Unified Communication Monitoring supports real-time monitoring, alerting, historic reporting and critical threshold evaluation to ensure each point of potential risk is mitigated – helping your team get in front of required business service levels.

Keystone Managed

Software Shell’s Keystone Managed Services enables a full management of your environment and also includes the full benefits of Keystone Monitor. Our senior Keystone consultants provide Change Management (end user moves, adds, and changes) for systems such as voice, data, conferencing and call center tools, Release Management (remotely apply application patches and updates), and Operations Management (service reviews, training documentation and strategic reviews). This enables an organization to focus on their core competencies while allowing Software Shell to do what we do best – the day-to-day management of systems and logistics.

Keystone Managed Network and Wireless
Turn your investments in managing the network and wireless experience into business innovation. Keystone Managed Network allows you to offload a customized list of activities based on your specific needs. Pair this approach with real-world systems and scenarios expertise, and you can be confident your network will be well supported.

Keystone Managed Unified Communication
Advanced technology skill sets are in short supply as IT is becoming more competitive. Keystone Managed Unified Communication allows you to gain benefits of both Keystone Maintain and Monitor while providing both day-to-day and architectural strategy support.

Help Desk Augmentation

You might be rolling out a new office or improving the support for remote locations. Software Shell’s Help Desk Augmentation allows you tailor coverage based on new requirements. Many large enterprises trust Software Shell to provide overlay coverage, full resource replacement or temporary coverage.

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