IT Asset Management Services

Experts agree that creating an effective IT Asset Management (ITAM) discipline requires considerable time and specialization on the part of busy IT professionals. All too often this means the ITAM strategy falls short of expectations, money is wasted, and the organization is susceptible to various risks.

Creating the Right Process to Save Money, Maximize IT Investments & Minimize Risk

To help bridge the gap, Software Shell has created an innovative IT Asset Management services model, as well as one-off, customized services. The approach is a flexible and cost-effective way to offload the cumbersome, detail oriented activities required to support an effective IT Asset Management strategy.

How We Can Help

Technology Deployment Services

Software Shell’s award-winning pre-delivery services begin with a world-class supply chain that allows us to draw products from more than 30 state-of the-art warehouses across North America. That means you get reliable, prompt delivery for most items no matter where you are located. To this we add a range of services – from custom configuration and imaging, to inventory and warehousing – to streamline the deployment process and free up your internal resources. Whether you need a few systems, or thousands rolled-out over time, Software Shell can help you simplify deployments, saving you time, money and risk.

Configuration, Imaging & Asset Tagging
Whether you need extra memory for one system, or asset tags and custom imaging for a major enterprise roll out, Software Shell can fulfill any hardware customization requirement. Through state of the art ISO 9002 configuration centers we ensure each system is fully tested and ready to work the moment it arrives.

Inventory & Warehousing
Software Shell draws upon the largest network of warehouses and configuration facilities anywhere, providing the greatest flexibility when it comes to locating and fulfilling non-standard or un-forecasted items. Our capabilities include:

  • Real-time access to warehouse inventory levels
  • Forecasting and maintaining adequate supply of required products 30, 60 and 90 days in advance.
  • A formal monthly forecast review, ensuring future product requirements are stocked in our distribution centers.

ITAM Assessment Services

People work in IT because they love what technology can do unleash new potential. Determining the best way to utilize and manage your existing IT investments doesn’t deliver anything new – it’s taking care of the old. But just because it’s not exciting doesn’t mean it’s not important. In fact, better managing existing resources is exactly what can create the time and money to invest in new technology projects. Software Shell’s ITAM Assessment Services leverage our large bench of specialists and consultants to dig deep into the detail of your IT environment to find ways to reduce risk, as well as save you time, money and maybe even your sanity.

Software Licensing TechCheck
Managing licensing isn’t easy. Without the right knowledge and processes, odds are you will both overpay for software licenses, and unintentionally under-buy, putting your organization at risk of compliance penalties. But you can easily avoid compliancy risk, over spending and analysis pains by leveraging Software Shell’s world class TechCheck Assessment services. This is an exhaustive, expert-led analysis of what you own vs. the titles you have installed, and you will be led through all the ramifications of your various licensing options. The service also includes access to PiNG, Software Shell’s comprehensive agentless inventory tool, and usage of our award winning Axis repository and reporting.

Network Discovery Assessment
Knowing the status of your network assets can improve business up-time and help you anticipate issues long before they occur. The Software Shell Network Discovery Assessment is a gap analysis exercise designed to give you practical, actionable insights to address common problem areas like over or under-buying in network maintenance contracts, missing firmware, and security vulnerabilities. The assessment also provides a framework and approach for maintaining network integrity and a common architecture as requirements change over time. Or it can be the baseline for a network upgrade or new architecture design.

Desktop Virtualization Viability Assessment
Desktop virtualization enables new levels of IT security, ease-of-management and cost-savings. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Specific user groups within your organization have unique requirements, each demanding their own approach and treatment. Unlike other assessments, Software Shell’s Desktop Virtualization Viability Assessment avoids the pitfalls of an “all-or-nothing” approach when creating your virtualization roadmap. Instead, we develop an in-depth view of your diverse user-groups and chart out the best course of action for each one.

Enterprise License Management

Software Shell’s assessment-led approach to Enterprise Software License Management is centered on helping organizations optimize the value of their software investments throughout the technology life-cycle.

Through in-person consultations, we assess your existing licensing contract vehicles and future requirements to identify opportunities for consolidation. We also engage local vendor partners and internal product and licensing specialists to design purchasing strategies that reduce costs, eliminate compliance risks and simplify the process of ongoing management.

Your dedicated Software Shell account representative will provide detailed technology roadmaps, program comparisons and cost-analysis to ensure an optimal fit. And once a contract is established, your Inside Sales Account Manager will work with you directly to provide an overview of any program benefits to which you are entitled.

During the life of your contract, we provide proactive maintenance and renewals management. Through ongoing program rationalization and asset utilization reporting, we also ensure you gain the most from your investment – every step of the way.


Software Shell provides a number of opportunities to help our customers create efficiencies across their procurement processes. We’ll work closely with you to understand your internal purchasing strategies, systems and processes so we can implement integrated solutions that work optimally together.

Whether it’s improving your product search and requisition creation, or simplifying internal methods for ordering and invoicing, our solutions can help you lower costs, increase purchasing accuracy and improve compliancy with preferred supplier contracts.

We support a variety of tools and technologies such as cXML, OCI, EDI, XML, XLS, csv (or other flat files) and work with a number of supplier networks such as Ariba, SAP, Oracle, and SciQuest to facilitate the exchange of data electronically between our two companies.

Leasing and Financing

Software Shell offers cost-effective technology leasing and financing options designed to reduce your total cost of ownership, keep you current, and streamline your technology acquisition processes. Most importantly, you can acquire state-of-the-art technology without the capital burdens! With straightforward documentation, competitive rates and the flexibility to choose the best terms and method of payment that works for you, Software Shell’s Leasing and Financing Services are an easy and affordable way to maintain your edge.

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