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The impact of recent economic disruptions has created unexpected benefits, costs, and risks for many organizations. Responding to the effects of an uncertain economy means rethinking how to optimize resources, and investigating new technology to gain competitive advantage.

Set the Foundation for a More Secure, Agile and Profitable Business

Technology is the means that enable organizations to carry out their mission. Software Shell understands that every system must not only function entirely for current needs, but be a stepping stone to the next initiative. With expertise in the latest infrastructure technologies and a firm grasp on what’s in development, we help our customers develop strategies and plans that manage technology change, while addressing the ongoing economic reality.

How we can help

Network Services

Network Services includes the consultation, assessment, architecture, delivery and maintenance of comprehensive data and voice communications networks to support information flow throughout an organization. With nearly 500 customer engagements under our belt, Software Shell’s experience and expertise can help you utilize networking technology to improve your bottom line.

Network Discovery Gap Analysis Assessment
Knowing the status of your network assets can improve business up-time and help you anticipate issues long before they occur. The Software Shell Network Discovery Assessment is a gap analysis exercise designed to give you practical, actionable insights to address common problem areas like over or under-buying in network maintenance contracts, missing firmware, and security vulnerabilities. The assessment also provides a framework and approach for maintaining network integrity and a common architecture as requirements change over time. Or it can be the baseline for a network upgrade or new architecture design.

Network Bandwidth Analysis
Understanding traffic patterns and the ability of the infrastructure to support new and existing applications is crucial to developing a smart technology platform. A network bandwidth analysis lets you see what applications are using the most bandwidth, which area is using them, and for how long. This will help prevent bottlenecks and problems before they occur.

Network Roadmap Services
Thriving in new business and economic realities means ensuring that everyone is connected, whenever they want, using any device they choose.Software Shell’s Network Roadmap Services help you evaluate your current network and then determine what targets you want to reach in the journey to providing anywhere, anytime, any device service to your customers and staff.

  • Network Readiness Services – Reduce risk by identifying and evaluating your network’s readiness before deploying or expanding new services
  • Network Architecture Services – Helping you plan, design, implement and support complex data and voice networks

Network Deployment & Integration Services
Your infrastructure acts as the backbone for the delivery of your organization’s business strategy. Whether your upcoming network deployment is relatively simple, or if you have a complex infrastructure upgrade, the challenges can be overwhelming. Software Shell provides a collaborative team of experts to work with you at every stage of deployment and integration to help ensure a successful implementation.

Storage Networking Services
Software Shell helps you define the primary business and general technical requirements for a consolidated information storage system.

Network Operational & Support Services
Mission critical business processes and services depend on reliable networks, systems and applications. Software Shell’s Keystone Managed Services involve a highly skilled and responsive team providing monitoring, support and managed services tailored to your unique organizational and operational needs.

Routing & Switching Services
Routing and switching are the foundation of your infrastructure and must support your mission-critical applications and systems. Software Shell’s Routing and Switching Services help you build resilient, secure networks, implementing proven network management solutions to reduce downtime and outages through performance and capacity management.

Security Services

No matter how well built, IT architectures can fail without a strong, integrated security system to protect it from attack. Constant change in technologies, legislative regulations and usage by remote and independent users all affect how your security system will operate. Are you ready for the challenges ahead?

How We Can Help

Security Posture Assessment Services
Security within today’s complex environments is not a one-time solution. Every organization needs to take a comprehensive approach to reviewing, complying and mitigating their business risks ensuring that they balance the user experience with protection.

Network Security Healthcheck
Software Shell’s Network Security Healthcheck is designed to audit the security of the entire network infrastructure. The assessment begins with a detailed review of individual device configurations and a comparison to industry best practices to assess overall stability, reliability and defensive posture. The service also examines current firewall policies, looking for obsolete or inefficient objects and rules. We will document all service requirements and recommend appropriate consolidation, enhancement and risk mitigation actions.

Web Application Security
With the increasing use of Web 2.0 tools, from social networking to instant messaging, as well as the expanding range of devices people use to access information, the incidence of security issues is definitely increasing. Software Shell’s Web Application Security assessment service will help you find and address the vulnerabilities in your websites and web-based applications.

Security Architecture Services
Today, security can no longer be considered an “add-on” or an option. It’s now crucial to provide IT and network security solutions to monitor and protect your valuable data networks, applications and systems. Software Shell’s Security Architecture Services are dedicated to helping you develop, implement and monitor security in your infrastructure, so you can anticipate, identify and manage IT threats and risks before they impact your business. This is not a one-size fits all category. Every organization needs experts to help tailor security strategy and technology to their unique situation.

Security Deployment & Integration
With so much important data residing on your network, you need to ensure that your security solution is deployed correctly and integrated effectively to avoid data loss or negative effect on employees’ productivity or time. Each deployment is planned and customized to your specific environment before integration begins and is then followed up with testing and adjusting to ensure it integrates smoothly into your environment.

Virtual Office Security Services
Do you want to provide remote workers, small offices, and mobile users with voice, video, wireless, and real-time data applications in a secure office environment? As more people work from remote locations on a wide range of devices, it’s important to be able to manage access to corporate information resources. Software Shell’s Virtual Office Security integrates identity services to provide control over devices and users, as well as the access people have to the Internet.

Identity & Access Management
Are you really secure? Identity and access management is crucial for organizations that need to protect their systems, applications and data from unauthorized access. Find out how Software Shell can reduce your inherent complexity to ensure that identity and access management activities are supporting business objectives.

Wireless & Mobility Services

Smartphones and tablets represent more than 90 percent of the net-new growth in device adoption for the coming years. Providing mobility solutions can help your staff and business work remotely in ways that are secure, easy, and cost effective. Are you fully embracing the opportunities of the mobile workforce?

How We Can Help

Wireless Site Survey Services
Deliver freedom. Software Shell’s wireless site survey helps you plan and optimize a wireless network that provides the coverage, network capacity, roaming capability and Quality of Service that enables new levels of productivity and collaboration.

Mobility Roadmap Services
Software Shell’s Mobility Roadmap Services help you to plan your strategy using real-world practical experience on how to best leverage technology to achieve your business goals. The roadmap provides detailed recommendations for using mobile technology to optimize your infrastructure for applications, platforms, devices, wireless architecture, voice and management processes.

  • Mobility Readiness – Software Shell’s Mobility Readiness Assessment Service helps you understand the readiness of your current wireless infrastructure to support advanced mobility services.
  • Mobility Architecture – Software Shell evaluates your overall wireless LAN architecture for scalability, reliability, and performance. We’ll complete a design review to help you make informed decisions about how to plan for wireless LAN upgrades that deliver reliable and predictable coverage.

Data Center Services

From design and planning to implementation, integration and migration, Software Shell’s data center experts can help streamline your operations, improve availability, reliability and performance.

How We Can Help

Workload Optimization Sizing Assessment
Software Shell’s Workload Optimization Assessment provides an integrated set of analysis, planning and decision support tools to help you determine system workloads and capacity utilization across the infrastructure. It provides a benchmark to help guide your next steps in the convergence and consolidation process.

Storage Sizing Assessment
Right sizing your storage environment can be a complex task. Software Shell’s Storage Sizing Assessment identifies and analyzes your existing processes and provides recommendations on storage platform options, sizing estimates, layout, and backup and recovery processes. All this is important to do before you make that next big storage purchase.

Consolidation Services
With multiple or aging platforms to maintain, your resources are locked into an endless cycle of purchasing and maintenance to support annual IT growth. Consolidation onto a common, modern platform can cut costs and free up resources to develop new products or services, speed time to market, and increase your competitive edge.

Virtualization Services
Virtualization is about all flexibility and providing a dynamic, agile infrastructure that is responsive to increasing or changing traffic while providing a secure environment to users. Without careful planning however, complexity and operational issues can often freeze virtualization initiatives before critical mass is achieved.

Virtualization Assessment
Virtualization plays a major role in the transformation to the private cloud. A virtualization assessment analyzes the physical server environment, collecting and analyzing server utilization metrics and modeling the physical infrastructure onto a projected virtual environment. The financial payback metrics for investing in virtualization are analyzed and interpreted and included in recommendations for implementation.

Compliance Computing Services
As you begin the journey to the cloud, how do you know if any of your data is restricted under compliance-related regulations or requirements? Software Shell’s data center experts have conducted many assessments to determine regulatory compliance for customers – and it can get complicated. Be safe. Ensure you have complied with the policies and regulations of virtualization.

Workload Optimization Services
Determine if you’re ready to move to a fully virtualized data center environment through Software Shell’s Workload Optimization Services. Identify the best approach to utilization and prioritize application virtualization based on risk and bottom line impact.

Workload Optimization Assessment
Software Shell’s Workload Optimization Assessment provides an integrated set of analysis, planning and decision support tools to help you determine system workloads and capacity utilization across the infrastructure. It provides a benchmark to help guide your next steps in the convergence and consolidation process.

Cloud Computing Migration & Transition Services
As business evolves, IT infrastructure must enable speed and dexterity for faster delivery of new offerings and services. Cloud computing helps build an environment that simplifies and standardizes an infrastructure, is more environmentally friendly and is easily expandable as the need arises. Software Shell has helped multinational organizations develop architectural blueprints and service-based models, and then migrate and implement the technology. We can help you too.

Business Continuity Services
Ensure business resilience with secure business processes, applications, information, and infrastructure built on a secure platform that incorporates governance, minimizes risk, and increases resilience.

Business Continuity Assessment
Most organizations are not making full use of the investments they’ve already made in technology. Today’s storage, server and network technologies have many built-in features that are critical in a business continuity situation. With some practical thinking, relatively small additional investments and limited re-configuration, many organizations can substantially reduce their exposure to risk. With this service we will help you evaluate where you are today and the steps you need to take to achieve dependable business continuity.

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